Welcome to Day One

In our club, we believe that every day is the first day. It's a new opportunity, free of the bounds of whatever came before. We aim to fill your rides with great energy, positivity and a bit motivation.

Day One is based in Cape Town and female-founded. We support responsible design and manufacturing processes and ethical consumption.

We hope to bring a bit of joy to your next ride.

Lots of love, from Day One.

    • FAQ

      Got a burning question? Don't see the answers you're looking for? Feel free to drop us a mail, or follow us on social media for more live updates.

      I gotta know! 
    • Customisation

      Feel free to drop us a message and we'll see what we can do. We love to hear your opportunities and will try our best to realise them.

    • More Colours?

      Absolutely! We'll be on this as soon as we can. You can be a part of this process too. As soon as we sell a third of our inventory we'll be able to order more. Also let us know what colours you would like to see next

    • More Products?

      Check back soon for cotton casquettes coming pre-summer. The best place to find out about new products is on our Instagram. You can find the links below.